25ah Strident Absorbant Glass Mat (AGM) (Code: GP12-25)

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25ah Strident Absorbant Glass Mat (AGM) Lead Range battery fits most of the medium size scooter range and most require 2 batteries.

All batteries are 12 volts with different ampage, depending on scooter/powerchair size and performance. You must check your batteries to be sure you order the correct ones, if at all you are unsure what to order then please call us on: 01179155253 and we will be happy to help you.

Battery is priced per pair, but can also be bought singly.

All mobility scooters and powerchairs run on two batteries, it is recommended that if one needs replacing then you replace the pair, as one battery will drain the other one.

  • Length = 197mm
  • Width = 131mm
  • Height = 155mm

Sealed lead acid battery in which the electrolyte is absorbed and suspended between battery plates in a mesh known as Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM). AGM batteries are waterproof, maintenance free, highly resistant against shocks and offer low self-discharge rates (1-3% per month).

All our batteries come with a 12 month warranty.

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